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A world of frictionless transactions

reseed is a transaction digitisation platform that streamlines receipt-keeping,
lowers costs, and reduces paper usage.

On top of that, our platform leverages on the data contained within every
transaction to provide enhanced value to both consumers and businesses alike.

How does reseed work?

Our patent-pending platform is easy to integrate and use.

  • Businesses connect our reseed device at their payment counters.
  • Customers scan the generated QR code after making payment.
  • The customer instantly receives a digital receipt for the purchase, and the transaction details are recorded into the business' reseed account.

The benefits of our platform

Better rewards and expense management for consumers

Consumers will receive promotions for their preferred merchants, as well as an easier way to track and analyse their spending.

More insights and revenue for businesses

Businesses gain valuable consumer insights, a new targeted marketing channel, and a reduction in receipt printing costs.

Lower carbon footprint for the environment

And most importantly, we all get to do our part for the environment by reducing paper waste.